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 Welcome! As a passionate branding expert who supports mentors, entrepreneurs, and business owners in pursuing big dreams and building a focused brand and business, I am thrilled that you are here. It brings me great joy to share my knowledge and experiences with you and to support you on your path to success. Let’s work together on your dream and make it a reality.

Personal Branding for CEOs, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners

Become the face of your brand. I work with CEOs and entrepreneurs in the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle industries. Show the world your uniqueness - Find your voice online.

Zeigen Sie der Welt Ihre Einzigartigkeit - Finden Sie Ihre Stimme online ​

The best way to stand out in a competitive market is by how you sound. We help you make your brand known through advertising texts, a marketing plan, and strategic language. Through targeted research and thorough competitive analysis, we develop copywriting texts, branding, and a strategy that suits you and your beauty, fashion, and lifestyle business. Think of a strong and impactful positioning, a brand voice that can only be yours.

Personal Branding for a clear positioning & customer attraction

 We offer personal branding strategies for CEOs, founders, and entrepreneurs who want to build their personal beauty, fashion, or lifestyle brand online. You’ll receive personal brand coaching, brand design, content creation, and a social media strategy that is fully focused on e-commerce and your online visibility. My launch service is ideal for those who need support to gain visibility, expand their reach, build new connections, and create opportunities for themselves and their businesses.

Tell your story with us. We develop tailor-made brand stories.

 We understand the specific needs and desires of discerning customers very well. That’s why we specialize in highlighting renowned brands through a unique competitive advantage, a special brand experience, and an increase in brand value. We create unique brand stories and craft distinctive tones to underline the ethos of each brand and highlight its uniqueness.


Discover timeless elegance for your brand – through our luxurious Brand Guidelines.


Newsletter Marketing & Branding Strategy

Personal branding

Get to the heart of your uniqueness. Position yourself.


We support you in building your e-commerce business


Increase visibility and improve Google ranking

Social media

We manage your social media channels and influencers

Content Creation

For compelling content and brand stories

Stellen Sie sich auf Erfolg ein

Als Ihr Personal Branding Coach besteht meine Mission darin, Sie mit der Strategie auf Führungsebene auszustatten, die Sie benötigen, um Ihre Marke auf die nächste Ebene zu heben. Erlauben Sie mir, mit der eComm-Wunderwaffe Ihre Vision zum Leben zu erwecken.

Personal Branding Coach für Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Brands

Als Marketing-Expertin für Personal Branding und E-Commerce stehe ich Ihnen zur Seite, um Ihnen dabei zu helfen, Ihre Botschaft zu finden und eine authentische persönliche Marke aufzubauen. Ich glaube fest daran, dass jeder von uns eine einzigartige Geschichte zu erzählen hat und dass es ein Publikum gibt, das bereit ist, zuzuhören. Leider bleiben viele Menschen beim Versuch, ihre Botschaft zu finden, stecken. Mein Ziel ist es, Ihnen dabei zu helfen, Klarheit zu finden, damit Sie Ihre Erfolgsformel entdecken und die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten der digitalen Welt nutzen können. Wir unterstützen Sie Ihre personal Brand aufzubauen. Ob Chef eines Start-Up Unternehmens, CEO oder Entrepreneur.

Creating Your Personal Brand

We work with a specially tailored and developed marketing strategy for Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Brands.

Defining Your Mission + Vision

 We define a clear and memorable brand message that communicates our vision and mission. We deeply engage with your vision and mission to clearly define the values and goals of your company. Based on this, we craft a message that resonates with your target audience. Our goal is to anchor our brand message in the minds of your customers and prospects, leaving a positive impression that lasts.

Discovering Your Strengths + Uniqueness

Avoid facing challenges alone when trying to increase sales or unlock the full potential of your team members. Enhance your attitude, leadership qualities, determination, and tactical approach to overcome any obstacles that may come your way. Effective coaching is the key to further developing your skills.

Developing Branding for Fashion & Beauty

 Our aim is to create a unique brand identity that reflects your vision and mission as a company. Together, we will create brand guidelines that serve as a guide for your brand communication.

Our goal is for your brand identity to appeal to your customers and prospects, leaving a lasting impression.


Finding a Clear Business Strategy for Your Beauty, Fashion, or Lifestyle Brand

Creating a detailed and effective business strategy can be challenging for many entrepreneurs, leaving them feeling spread too thin. Regardless of your company’s size, clear goals, a clear direction, and identifying your mission are crucial for overall success. Your journey with us begins with a comprehensive evaluation of your entire business. Together, we will uncover areas that need improvement and identify areas where unnecessary losses occur. Subsequently, we will design a tailored business strategy to address these issues permanently and take your business to the next level.

We develop beauty and fashion brands that are authentic, differentiated and ready for growth. Great brands are built by understanding how your beauty salon or fashion store sets you apart from the competition, which is why we develop unique positioning.

Our team brings brands to life through digital experiences, creating optimized user experiences, stunning designs, and customer-friendly websites. Whether you need a website for your beauty salon or a website for a fashion brand, we are your one-stop shop.

We produce content to launch and grow brands – create advertising campaigns for beauty salons and fashion stores. Great content marketing doesn’t happen by accident, which is why we make strategy our focus.

For us, e-commerce is not just technical know-how, it is expertise in business strategies. We create Shopify experiences & WooCommerce stores that work across the full journey of marketing tactics that drive traffic and incentivize repeat purchases.

Certain tactics have been proven to increase website traffic and sales for e-commerce brands. Our full-funnel marketing strategies drive traffic and help clients master their marketing tactics, including social media, digital advertising, email marketing, influencer campaigns, SEO/SEM strategies, and content marketing. 

We develop content and cross-channel campaigns that effectively leverage creative content on multiple levels.

Bringe deine Personal Brand auf das nächste Level

Wir helfen Ihnen bei einer klaren Positionierung für eine starke Anziehungskraft: Professionelles Branding und E-Commerce für Ihre Beauty, Fashion oder Lifestyle Brand!

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